‘’Zero to Hero’’ Movie Watching Activity

Date: 10/09/2021

‘’Zero to Hero’’ movie appreciation and the subsequent director sharing session were organised on the 10th September, 2021 at My Cinema Yoho Mall. Nearly 80 students, teachers and parents came to appreciate the movie based on the true story of Hong Kong Paralympic gold medalist Mr. So Wa Wai. The educational movie revealed the story behind the disabled athletestheir families and the difficulties they faced 

On the same day, we were honored to meet Director Jimmy Wan at the post-screening talk to share with us his thoughts 

From So’s mother and So Wa Wai, we see persistence and selfless devotionSu's mother embodied the greatness of love to support her son infinitely regardless of how others think. Her affirmation towards her son provided the stepping stone to So Wa Wai to become a gold medalist. 


We encourage and motivate students at YLMASS – we strive to be positive no matter how difficult a situation becomes. ‘You may have lost at the starting point, as long as you know where the finishing line is, you are determined to be successful!’