Historical and Eco-tour to Lai Chi Wo

Date: 29/05/2022

The History Department organized the field trip to Lai Chi Wo on 29th May. 17 students started their journey at Ma Liu Shui Pier and reached Lai Chi Wo to explore the well-preserved 300-year history-long Hakka Walled Village. After an hour of sightseeing, students passed through mangrove beds and the striking sedimentary rocks on the coast. Then they started hiking from Sam A Village, Double Haven to Wu Kau Tang. That day was a sunny day. After the 1.5-month-long vacation, many students found this 2-hour elementary hiking track difficult to complete. Though the path was daunting, the journey was full of laughter. This trip must be an extraordinary outdoor experience for the participating students.

Students have made a video about the journey to Lai Chi Wo and participated in the 'Retaining the Past' Video Competition, luckily they got the Champion.

Congratulations to all prize winners. 

Please visit the following youtube link to access to their work: