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Pilot Scheme on Youth Outdoor Adventure Training Activities

Date: 08/08/2021

During the summer vacation, our students participated in the ‘Pilot Scheme on Youth Outdoor Adventure Training Activities’. The pilot scheme was organized by the HKAYP Jockey Club Duke of Edinburgh Training Camp. Through participating in activities our students were encouraged to work as a team, develop bonds with one another and break down barriers. The high-structural rope net activity allowed students to take a step out of their comfort zones and take on a challenge. For students to succeed required unity and mutual support from their team mates thereby providing opportunities to work together as a team. Similarly, one activity required students to use various resources as well as their creative thinking skills to design a human-driven vehicle. The students also had to consider whether the vehicle was practical enough to drive.

This series of activities has not only helped strengthen students' self-determination and collaborative skills, but also helped them understand the importance of following rules and instructions.

Our students fully enjoyed the activity and completed the experience by having group photos taken with the leader and committee members of the Youth Development Commission.