The Counselling Committee is formed by 10 teachers and all the class teachers. The objective of the committee is to promote school-based counselling work. Two social workers, Ms. Cheng Lai Ming and Ms. Wan Chun Yee, have been assigned to our school by the Lutheran Social Service to support counselling work in our school. They are experts in guiding students to solve their problems and to cope with emotional disturbances. The new-students guidance team holds a new-students guidance day annually to enable new students to familiarize themselves with the school environment and to help them adapt to the school campus.


Counselling Committee

Counselling Mistress

Miss Wong See Yan

Vice-chairperson and S4 Coordinator

Ms. Lee Tuti

S1 Form Coordinator

Ms. Cheung Hang Hang

S1 Form Coordinator

Miss Lau Yik Tsz

S2 Form Coordinator

Ms. Tsui Suet Kuen

S3 Coordinator

Ms. Yiu Shuk Ping

S5 Coordinator

Miss Kwok Kwan Yuet

S6 Coordinator

Miss Chung Jenny


Ms. Ng Wai Ling


Miss Lam Hiu Nam

School Social Worker

Ms. Cheng Lai Ming

School Social Worker

Ms. Wan Chun Yee

Student Counsellor

Miss Wong Kuk Yin