The Discipline Committee aims at strengthening the self-discipline of students, teaching students to respect and care about others, building up correct values and attitudes towards life as well as establishing a good learning environment to achieve whole-person education.

Incorporating both counselling and guidance strategies brings teachers better and more effective handling of students’ misbehavior, allowing students to understand and learn to bear the consequences of their behaviors, as well as helping them discern the right from the wrong and change for betterment.

Setting up a Prefect Team and providing leadership training workshops can help develop students’ potentials, build up self-images, equip them with the ability to work independently and work as a team. As role models in school, on top of serving the school, Prefects will participate in community services such as organizing activities for primary school students and visiting the elderly.

Working closely with the Counselling Committee, Discipline Form Coordinators attend the Class Teachers Meeting so as to strengthen the teamwork and cohesion with different parties, coming up with better preventive measures and precautions. Close communication with parents is also highly recommended so as to help improve students’ behaviours.


    Discipline Committee
    ChairpersonDiscipline Mistress
    S1 Form Coordinator
    Ms. Cheng Ka Po
    Vice Chairpersons

    Discipline Vice Master
    S3 Form Coordinator

    Mr. Kwan Tze Hon
    Discipline Vice Mistress
    S5 Coordinator
    Ms. Lee So Chun
    MembersS1 Form CoordinatorMiss Fung Yu Qi
    S2 Form CoordinatorMr. Ng Man Chun
    S2 Form CoordinatorMiss Leung Hoi Yan
    S3 Form CoordinatorMs. Wong Ho Yan
    S4 Form CoordinatorMr. Li Ting Fung
    S4 Form CoordinatorMr. Tang Wai Yip
    S5 Form CoordinatorMiss Li Ching Yan
    S6 Form CoordinatorMiss Chan Mei Wa
    S6 Form CoordinatorMr. Tsang Wui Yin