There are 73 teachers in our school. All of our teachers have completed professional teacher training courses and are university graduates. 39 have obtained a master’s degree or above. The school constantly encourages teachers to attend professional development courses and participate in seminars and nominates teachers to enroll in various courses to further enhance teaching capacity. With the special grants offered by the Education Bureau and other resources, the school makes special arrangements for teachers to attend courses or seminars relevant to their teaching and non-teaching duties.

Management Team  

Mr. Yau Chi Leung (Principal)
Ms. Ng Fung-shan (Vice-Principal)
Ms. Sung Hoi-yan (Vice-Principal)
Ms. Tse Wing-cheung (Assistant Principal)
Ms. Wong Fung-ming (Assistant Principal)

Chinese Language Education  

Mr. Chan Po-yuen Ms. Lee Tuti
Ms. Chan Yee-ling Ms. Lo Lai-shan
Ms. Cheung Hang-hang Ms. Tsui Suet-kuen
Ms. Cheung Man-kam Ms. Wong Ho-yan
Ms. Chung Jenny Ms. Yiu Shuk-ping
Ms. Fung Yuen-ting Ms. Yu Ching-shan
Ms. Kwok Kwan-yuet

English Language Education  

Mr. Au Kam-hing Ms. Tang Pui-shan Priscilla
Mr. Cheng Yan-lam Mr. Tang Wai-yip
Mr. Leong Ho-yiu Ms. Tang Wai-kuen
Mr. Li Ting-fung, Jimmy Ms. Wong Wing-shan
Ms. Mok Hiu-nam Ms. Lyndsey Marie MARTIN
Ms. Ng Wai-ling Ms. Christine THERON
Mr. Sin Wai-yin

Mathematics Education

Mr. Ho Sheung-kwan Mr. Man Kam-to
Ms. Lam Hiu-man Mr. Tang Kwong-yee
Mr. Lam Lap Ms. Wong See-yan
Ms. Lee Yin-kuen

Science Education

Ms. Chan Mei-wa Mr. Leung Sing
Mr. Ho Ming-gong Mr. Man Yat-cho
Mr. Kwan Tze-hon Mr. Tsang Kai-yip
Ms. Leung Hoi-yan Mr. Wong Kwok-kin

Technology Education

Mr. Kwok Wing-shing Mr. Shiu Yi-ho
Ms. Lee Yan-ki Mr. Sin Ka-ho
Mr. Ng Man-chun Ms. Wang Kwok-kuen

Personal, Social & Humanities Education & Cross Disciplinary Areas

Ms. Chau Hoi-man Mr. Lau Siu-hang
Ms. Fung Ching-ching Ms. Lee So-chun
Ms. Fung Yu-qi Ms. Li Ching-yan
Ms. Ip Wing-yan Ms. Li Lai-hung
Ms. Lam Hiu-nam Ms. Tam Ching-yin
Mr. Lau Ka-yu Mr. Tsang Wui-yin

Arts Education & Physical Education

Ms. Cheng Ka-po Ms. Man Po-yan
Mr. Fung Tsz-ho Ms. So Wai-yan
Ms. Lau Yik-tsz Mr. Wong Wing-yip
Ms. Leung Yik-kwan