Economics and Business Co-curricular Activities

Date: 16/04/2021

Our students have participated in various economics and business co-curricular activities in the past few months.


JA Company Programme

JA Company Programme is a business running competition which enables students to develop their business mindset, leadership skills and creativity. This year, 13 S4-S5 students participate in the competition and form a company – ‘KongClue’. The organizational structure is as follow:


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

5A Yuen Sze Wai

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

4E Wong Lik Wai

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

5A Ho Wai Ching

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

4A Yeung Tsz Ho Paul

Human Resources Director

5A Leung Cho Kiu

Marketing and Sales Director

4E Yim Wing Kan

Technology Department Members

4E Yau Hing Lam

4M Yip Chi Yan

Human Resources Department Member

5A Leung Ka Ki

Marketing and Sales Department Members

4M Hui Tsz Wai

5M Lam Pui Man

Finance Department Members

4M Lin Pui Shan

4M Ng Ka Yee


KongClue has designed several badges and tote bags relating to Cantonese slangs. The products are sold on KongClue online shop and at the school booth. For further information about the company and the products, please visit their Instagram page: @kongclue2021. We wish them a high sales record and good performance in the competition!


Young Entrepreneur Program 2020

Young Entrepreneur Program 2020 (YE20) is a 5-month project organized by Idea to Business. In the programme, participants work in teams to design and innovate business ideas for social enterprises in Hong Kong. A team of S5 students has joined the programme and came up with some creative ideas for the elderlies in Yuen Long. The students are:


5A Chan Chun Lam

5A Lam Wing Yan

5A Li Sze Long

5A Liu Sum Yee

5A Wan Yu Ting


Since November 2020, the team has started to brainstorm and conducted research in the market. In April 2021, they completed the business plan and pitched their ideas to the social enterprises. Over the 5-month project, they have gained valuable experiences and learnt a lot in formulating busines strategies in a real-life business situation.