Field Studies to Central and Sheung Wan

Date: 08/11/2021

Form 3 students were divided into 7 groups and sent to five different routes to have their history and geography field studies. Each route consists of one museum, one street and one historical spot. In each point, students were asked to play the role of a story-teller, observer or photographer in order to finish the task. Students had to find out whether the route is worth visiting for tourists. 


In the next day, students had to demonstrate the data collected on the observation day on a cardboard. With the help of Chinese teachers, students had to revise the presentation script and reorganize the information to substantiate their view. They had to share their thoughts on the respected route to other groups in class. 


Students should have learnt a lot in the OLE days. The activity should have consolidated their learning in lessons and helped them to become confident independent learners.