It Takes Two

Date: 10/05/2023

The English Association and PTH Club jointly organized an exciting translation activity called "It Takes Two". The event was held during lunchtime on 9th and 10th May 2023. Students who participated in the event earned stamps and redeemed prizes by accurately translating and pronouncing words related to STEAM. 


This fun and engaging activity served a dual purpose. Not only did it help students build confidence in speaking both English and Mandarin, but it also expanded their vocabulary range. The students were thrilled to have learned new Chinese and English words such as "photosynthesis," "potassium," and "angle bisector." They enjoyed playing the game and had a great time. 


Overall, "It Takes Two" was a successful event that allowed students to have fun while learning new words and enhancing their language skills. The English Association and PTH Club are looking forward to hosting more fruitful activities for the students in the future.