JA Company Programme

Date: 08/05/2023

JA Company Programme is a business running competition which enables students to develop their business mindset, leadership skills and creativity. This year, 23 S4-S5 Economics and BAFS students participated in the competition and formed a company – Re__’. The organisation structure is as follow: 


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 

5S Lau Tin Nam 

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) 

5E Yang Cheuk Kei 

Chief Operating Officer (COO) 

5C Tam Siu Hang 

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) 

5M Yuen Cheuk Hei 

Human Resources Director 

5A Chan Sin Yu 

Marketing and Sales Director 

5C Tang Hui Wa 

Technology Department Members 

4A Chan Tsz Ki 

4M Lam Yan Ching 

5S Tang Wing Hei 

5E Tan Zhou Heng Tiger 

Operations Department Members 

4C Or Ho Yiu Nathan 

4A Yu Yin Tung 

5C Chan For Shing 

5A Leung Tin Fan 

Human Resources Department Member 

5A Chan Chun Ying 

5A Chan Yee Ting 

5M Lai Lei Wun 

Marketing and Sales Department Members 

4S Yik Huen Ching 

5C Wong Chau Yu 

5C Wong Oi Laam 

5A Hung Tsz Ki 

Finance Department Members 

5C Haw Po Ling 

5E Li Yi Ping 


To recall people’s memory and re-introduce old fashion of Hong Kong, such as music, food, and handcrafts, the team has designed various products, including canvas bags, keychains, badges, postcards and purses. Other than setting booths at the school lobby, the team also joined the pop-up store at K11 Art Mall on 12 March 2023. The team has earned profit during the competition, and the following students are rewarded for different awards: 


Most Valued Player (MVP): 5S Lau Tin Nam 

Most Improved Player (MIP): 5M Lai Lei Wun 


Congratulations to the team and the above students!