Diversified Other Learning Experience (OLE) and co-curricular activities :

- help Form 1 students adapt to secondary school life by encouraging them to join one uniform group so as to help build up their friendship and train their teamwork;


- consist of various clubs and uniform groups which provide numerous activities for students and visualize learning outside classroom. Through participation in uniform groups, students would have higher awareness about the community and be willing to serve others;


- put emphasis on cross-curriculum and interdisciplinary learning activities such as S3 Amazing Race in Central and Sheung Wan, S4 Local Industries Field Trip, S5 Woodland Ecology Field Study, S1 Costume Show in the Tang Dynasty, to provide diversified learning experience to students on OLE Days and during the post-exam period;  


- enrich PE lessons to allow students to try less-common sports activities like Latin dance, gymnastics, yoga, soft ball, hockey, darts, and indoor rowing and to develop a habit of exercising for life.

  • Students take part in various educational activities outside classroom on OLE Days

  • Students are encouraged to join local and overseas competitions held by different subjects or key learning areas to broaden their horizons

  • Students are exposed to a variety of clubs and uniform groups to develop their interests, teamwork and multiple intelligence

  • Students are invited to represent their class and house in the inter - class and inter - house competitions which help raise their sense of belonging to the school

  • Students engaged in less-common sports activities in PE lessons which help develop a habit of exercising for life

  • Students join uniform group so as to help build up their friendship, train their teamwork and learn life skills