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Secondary One Discretionary Places

Notes for Application

(For Admission in September 2021)


Application Period

Application for the captioned places are invited from 4th January (Monday) to 18th January 2021 (Monday) (both dates inclusive):


Monday to Friday:

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon

(Except Public Holidays)



Application Procedure

Application forms can be obtained from our school’s Reception Counter on G/F or General Office on 1/F, by mail (with a self-addressed stamped envelope) or downloaded from the school website (


Completed application forms should be returned to the School Office in person# on or before 18th January 2021 together with the following documents:


(1)       Application Form for S1 Discretionary Place,

(2)       A photocopy of the school reports for P5 and half-yearly report for P6,

(3)       A photocopy of document(s) showing the date of birth and permanent resident status of Hong Kong,

(4)       A photocopy of awards / prizes / certificates if any,

(5)       Two self-addressed stamped envelopes



1.          Document (1) is issued by the Education Bureau.

2.          There is NO need to submit any recommendation letter from primary school.

3.          Please do not hand in original copies of documents, except for document (1).

4.          The above documents will not be returned whether the application is successful or not.


# In light of the latest development of COVID-19 epidemic, this year's DP applications can also be submitted via post. Parents could arrange to submit the above documents by post between 4 January (Monday) and 18 January 2021 (Monday), both dates inclusive (the postmark date should not be later than the prescribed deadline). Parents also have to provide an additional self-addressed stamped envelope so that the Parent's Copy of the application form could be posted back for retention. Our school strongly encourages parents to consider sending the application by registered mail.



Number of Discretionary Places

There are 5 classes in S1 and the number of S1 discretionary places is 30% of the total number of the S1 places in our school. The number of S1 discretionary places in this academic year is 50 (The exact number of students per class is subject to the EDB guideline).





Criteria and Weightings for shortlisting students to attend the interview




Academic performance (EDB discretionary places rank order & internal school assessment)


Outstanding attainments in English and/ or prize winners of Mathematics Olympiad/ Outstanding Student Awards


Excellent / good conduct grades in P5 and P6


Extra-curricular activities and special talents





Interview Details



6th March 2021 (Saturday) Morning


English and Cantonese

Student List for Interview

The list will be uploaded to the school web and posted in the school lobby (G/F) in mid-February 2021. Selected applicants will be notified by post to attend the interview.



Criteria and Weightings for Final Admission




Academic performance (EDB discretionary places rank order & internal school assessment)


Interview performance


Conduct, extra-curricular activities, awards, special talents and others 





1.          Each student is allowed to apply to NOT MORE THAN TWO participating secondary schools listed in the Handbook for Application for Secondary 1 Discretionary Places.

2.          The parents of successful applicants of their children's inclusion in the Successful Lists for Discretionary Places will be notified by letter and phone on 31st March 2021. The notification arrangement is not applicable to reserve and unsuccessful applicants, nor are the notifications the allocation results.

3.          The results of Discretionary Places and Central Allocation will be released at the same time on 6th July 2021.



Pre-S1 Summer Bridging Course and S1 Orientation Day

A Pre-S1Summer Bridging Course coordinated by our experienced English teachers and an S.1 Orientation Day for S.1 parents and students will be organized respectively in late July. The former enables students to adapt to the English learning environment while the latter enhances communication and cooperation between parents and school.

 ent while the latter enhances communication and cooperation between parents and school.