Reading Culture Fortnight

Date: 31/03/2023

To enhance students’ understanding of Chinese culture and foster the development of virtues through the study of Chinese historical figures, our school organized the Reading Culture Fortnight from 17th March to 31st March. The two-week program was coordinated by the Reading Team and the Co-curricular Activities Committee, in collaboration with various subjects and clubs, such as Chinese, Chinese History, Chinese Literature, Value Education, Citizenship and Social Development, Visual Arts, Music, Home Economics, Design & Technology, Chinese Association, Chinese History Club, Chinese Calligraphy Club, Putonghua Club, Science Club and the Hong Kong Award of Young People (AYP).


The Reading Culture Fortnight began with a lion dance performance and featured a range of activities designed for both junior and senior students. These include the sharing session by Dr. Siu Yan Ho on traditional and modern food culture, Book Fair, Literary Walk in Sheung Wan, Unveiling the Splendorous Imperial Palace: A Journey through Time, Cantonese Opera Theatre, Temple Fair & Entertainment Activities, Revolving Lantern Workshop, Reimagining our Chinese Heroes – A Character Design Competition Featuring the Chinese Heroic Figures, Molecular Gastronomy Production and Exhibition of Design Work for Reimagining Chinese Heroes.


Students enthusiastically participated in the activities, which enhanced the reading atmosphere and increased their interest in learning. The activities, on the one hand, expanded students' knowledge of traditional Chinese culture, the inheritance of food culture, on the other hand, showcased the fun of folk entertainment. Reimagining our Chinese Heroes – A Character Design Competition Featuring the Chinese Heroic Figures was particularly well-received by teachers and students, as Secondary Two students unleashed their creativity and presentation skills.